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CO2 Series Laser Marking System
10W/30W Integrated Laser Marking System
10W/30W Laser Marking Strip Marking
Gravity tube to tube laser marking System
Fiber Laser Marking System
5W/10W/20W Continous Fiber Laser Marking System
10W/20W/30W Pulse Fiber Laser Marking System
QuickMark Vision Positioning Laser Marking
IC Auto Dual Heads Laser Marking System
QuickMark Laser Markeing-Dual Heads
Green Laser Series Marking System
10W/15W Green Laser Marking System
3-Axis Dynamic Laser Marking System
CO2 3-Axis Dynamic Laser Marking System

Laser Mark

CO2 Series Laser Marking System10W/30W Integrated Laser Marking System

10W/30W Integrated Laser Marking System

Professional Cooperation with high speed automatic handler laser marking fits for devices like SM SOT SOD TO series.

product superiority
Compact structure, small size, strong resistance to inference, high stability, long lifetime.
Independent development on software control system and mechanical working system, ensure the stability of the whole system, easy for customer upgrade.
Main Parameter
Laser central wavelength:10640nm
Laser output power:10、30、60W
Marking range:35X35mm,50X50mm,70X70mm, etc(selective)
Min marking line width:0.06mm
Min font height:0.5mm
input power220V±10%/50Hz
Suitable devices: all kinds of semiconductor discrete device and IC.


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