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CO2 Series Laser Marking System
10W/30W Integrated Laser Marking System
10W/30W Laser Marking Strip Marking
Gravity tube to tube laser marking System
Fiber Laser Marking System
5W/10W/20W Continous Fiber Laser Marking System
10W/20W/30W Pulse Fiber Laser Marking System
Fiber Laser Marking system Video positioning marking system
Fiber series Automated IC Laser Marking & Inspection System QH-APV5090
QuickMark Laser Markeing-Dual Heads
Green Laser Series Marking System
10W/15W Green Laser Marking System
3-Axis Dynamic Laser Marking System
CO2 3-Axis Dynamic Laser Marking System
Automatic IC lead frame marking system QH-APV100LF
Automatic IC lead frame marking system QH-APV100LF
Automatic IC lead frame marking system QH-APV100SL
Automatic IC lead frame marking system QH-APV100SL

Laser Mark

Fiber Laser Marking SystemQuickMark Laser Markeing-Dual Heads

QuickMark Laser Markeing-Dual Heads

Dual-Head Laser Marking system mainly works with IC handler. With high-speed galvanometer scan system it offers high marking precision which can greatly enhance the production efficiency of IC laser marking.

Product Features
·Laser marking linewidth is programmable.
·Could apply on metal and non-metal material, with wide marking range.
·High marking speed, mainly apply on IC device's laser marking.Adopt forced air cooling method, which is more reliable and good for long term usage.
Major Technical Parameters

Laser Center Wavelength1064nm
Laser Output Power20/30W
Marking Range300x160mm
Minimum Marking Linewidth0.05(Optional)
Minimum Character Body Height0.5mm
Marking Frequence20-200KHZ
Input Power220V±10%/50HZ
Applied Package DeviceVaried IC Device


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