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QT-9000 Series
VLSI Test System QT-9000
QT-8000 Series
Analog & Digital Mixed Signal IC test System (Cable Mount) QT-8100
Analog & Digital Mixed Signal IC Test System (Direct Mount) QT-8200
Analog & Digital Mixed Signal IC Test System QT-8100HP
QT-7000 Series
IC Test System QT-7100
Digital IC Test System QT-7200
QT-6000 Series
Hi-Speed Discrete Test System QT-6000
QT-5000 Series
Semiconductor Discrete Test System QT-5000
QT-4000 Series
Semiconductor Discrete Test System QT-4000
General Test System TB-14
QT-3000 Series
EAS Test System QT-3101B
Thermal Resistance Test System QT-3102
MOSFET RG/CG Test System QT-3107-25

Test System

QT-3000 SeriesEAS Test System QT-3101B

EAS Test System QT-3101B

QT – 3101B is developed for the EAS test of MOSFET IGBT. It can automatically calculate the proper EAS energy. The step increase current is adjustable to fit the destructive energy level of the DUT. Adopts single pulse eletronic EAS punch- through effect .

Product Features
·With BVdss:+/-2000V/2500V;+/-200A test capability;
·Programmable for VG pulse width adjustment (resolution ratio:1μs)
·Programmable Handler Interface Signal;
·Programmable for Inductance Box Load, 100μH- 100mH, Stepping 100μH.

All parameters can be edited via EAS Editor Interface.

User friendly editor software is convenient for customer.

An EAS test procedure, with test time less than 20 ms.


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