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QT-9000 Series
VLSI Test System QT-9000
QT-8000 Series
Analog & Digital Mixed Signal IC test System (Cable Mount) QT-8100
Analog & Digital Mixed Signal IC Test System (Direct Mount) QT-8200
Analog & Digital Mixed Signal IC Test System QT-8100HP
QT-7000 Series
IC Test System QT-7100
Digital IC Test System QT-7200
QT-6000 Series
Hi-Speed Discrete Test System QT-6000
QT-5000 Series
Semiconductor Discrete Test System QT-5000
QT-4000 Series
Semiconductor Discrete Test System QT-4000
General Test System TB-14
QT-3000 Series
EAS Test System QT-3101B
Thermal Resistance Test System QT-3102
MOSFET RG/CG Test System QT-3107-25

Test System

QT-8000 SeriesAnalog & Digital Mixed Signal IC test System (Cable Mount) QT-8100

Analog & Digital Mixed Signal IC test System (Cable Mount) QT-8100

QT-8100IC tester is applicable to regularDC/AC parameter testing and IC device performance testing. Main application: Power Management; Digital Consumer Products; Communication& Interface; Automotive; Energy Conservation electronics; Standard Linear Circuit; Memory; CPU Chips; Special Customized IC and Wafer Test.

Main Features

• Support RF extenstion
• Floating power supply
• Support voltage and current restrant output, waveform display function, built-in AWG
• Up to 472 test channels, 64 sites parallel test
• Voltage in series connnection can be above 2000V; current in parallel connection can be above 40A; max. output in current expansion mode: 300A
• Compared with traditional testers in testing general test items, QT8100 can reduce more than 30%-50% test time.

Major Technical Parameters

Digital Part Parameters

Available boards8/16/32 channel
Maximum Test Frequency100MHz
Minimum Impulse Width3.25ns
Pattern Memory4Meg/8Meg
Maximum I/O Channel128/256
TMU(Time Measurement Unit)50ps
Offset& Comparing Voltage Range-1.5 to +6.5V
Data FormatRZ,NRZ,RTO,NF,SBC,Max 256wave STIL
Digital Power Supply(DPS)20V/1.0A 4CH

Analog Major Technical Parameters

Channel CardVoltage/CurrentChannelAccuracyDigitizerAWG
APU 8-30±30V/200mA8/160.05%200Ksps
APU 16-30
APU 8-100±100V/100mA80.05%
PVI 1000-300V~+1000V/30mA 20.1%
PVC 40-30A±40V/30A 20.1%
PVC 40±40V/20A20.1%
PVC 120±120V/10A20.1%
PMS 2/4Force AC 10V Sine2/40.05%10KHz(18bit)
Measure DC 0-200V2/40.01%1MHz(18bit)

Above technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice. All rights reserved by PowerTECH.

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