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The Party Secretary of Foshan, Lu yi, visited PowerTECH and launched “Nuan Chun programme” with his presence.

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        On 13th March 2019, The Party Secretary of Foshan, Lu yi, and The Party Secretary of Nanhai, Huang zhihao, visited and investigated PowerTECH, and launched “Nuan Chun programme for enterprise”.


         With the accompany of the CEO, Secretary Lu yi and his company listened to the product introduction of the company seriously, comprehend the technical principle and testing performance of the devices of the company carefully. Secretary Lu yi and his company were fully affirmed that the products of the company were professional, up-market and high-accuracy. After knowing PowerTECH continuously focuses on semiconductor packaging and testing industries for the last 20 years, technician and research staff accounted 29% of the total employee of the company and the company owns lots of patents of invention, the performance of the key products already reached high-level standards of international similar products, Secretary Lu yi very pleased to said that, the development of enterprise rely on its innovation, and innovation rely on talent, he hoped that, enterprise should improve and perfect the incentive mechanism of scientific personnel and completely develop the motivation and creativity of talents, in order to boost to the development and innovation of enterprise. At last, Secretary Lu yi encouraged our company to proceed with confidence, do well in the real economy, in the meantime, he required that, municipal departments of Foshan government need to help enterprise, to solve problems initiatively and provide greater quality, more efficient and more accurate service.


        With the care of leaders of Foshan government, we believed that PowerTECH will remain true to its original aspiration, do its best and keep up the good work, to keep on contributing to the development of semiconductor industry of China.


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