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IC test system
QT-8100 Mixed Signal IC Test System (Cable-Mount)
QT-8200 Series Mixed Signal IC Test System(Direct Mount)
QT-9000 Series Large Scale IC Test System(Direct Mount)QT-9000
QT-8100HP Analog IC Test System (Cable-Mount)
RF6G Test module
Power module and device testing system
QT-8400PIM high-power dynamic and static comprehensive test system
QT-8400GaN Gallium Nitride Test System
QT-8400D power device multi-site test system
QT-8400IPM Intelligent Power Module Test System
Discrete Device High-Speed Testing System
Discrete Device Test System QT-6000
Power Device Testing System
QT-DRM101000 Gallium Nitride Dynamic RDON
QT-3108 SW IGBT/SIC Dynamic Testing
QT-3104 QG Gate Charge Testing
QT-3105 TRR Diode Reverse Recovery Testing
QT-4100 Comprehensive Testing System
QT-3101 UIL Test
QT-3102 Thermal Resistance Tester
QT-3107 LCR RG/CG Testing

Test System

IC test systemQT-8100HP Analog IC Test System (Cable-Mount)

QT-8100HP Analog IC Test System (Cable-Mount)

Product description: Test scope: conventional DC, AC parameter testing, discrete device Wafer multi-site and IC functional testing.
Main testing: high-power power management; automotive, energy saving and environmental friendly electronics, general analog IC; high-power discrete devices; audio and radio frequency; mixed signal and other IC at Final Test and Wafer-level Test.

Main feature:

· Mixed signal IC high power parallel testing

· 100MHz digital signal

· Maximum 32CH 30V/40A

· Maximum 16CH 1000V

· Can be used for wafer testing of discrete devices above 16 sites (DC+UIS+RG)


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